How to Choose a Visitation Monitor

 The Child Visitation Monitoring Group

Things to consider when choosing a Professional Child Visitation Monitor:

· Received the required training as mandated by the State of California

· Recommended by a lawyer, therapist, or counselor?

· Experienced in your special circumstances. For example, if there is a sexual abuse allegation, does the Provider have training in the area to know what to watch for? Is there is a history of violence with the other parent? If so, is the Provider physically strong enough to terminate a visit and keep your child out of harms way if necessary?

· A member of Trust Line, who has undergone background checks for Child Abuse and Criminal Background?

· Provides you with a written "Rules of the Visitation" prior to the intake, reviews it with you during the intake, answers any questions you may have to your satisfaction.

· State of California requires an intake process. During the intake interview, make sure you feel comfortable with the proposed monitor and that the monitor is experienced and professional. Ask questions and make sure the monitor can answer the questions directly, professionally, and knowledgeably.

Our Professional Supervised Visitation Services fulfills the court requirements and allows the non custodial parent an opportunity for a positive and safe experience with the child in a protected environment. It also allows the custodial parent the reassurance that the child's physical and emotional safety is being provided for by a professional monitor. Our role as trained Professional Monitors is to be a neutral party, to observe behavior, and to ensure safety for the visiting child.

Our Monitors have received all the training required by the State of California Uniform standards of Practice 5.20 including: concepts of supervised visitation, family dynamics, child development, domestic violence, child abuse, standards of practice, documentation, laws and penal codes. In addition, all monitors have received training specifically in child abuse identification, child abuse reporting, and are Mandated Reporters in accordance with Penal Code Section 11164-11174.3.

Our Monitors have completed background checks in accordance with the requirements of the State of California’s guidelines and are registered with TrustLine.