Supervised Child Visitation Monitoring

Our Professional Supervised Visitation Services in the Los Angeles area fulfills court requirements and allows the noncustodial parent an opportunity for a positive and safe experience with the child in a protected environment. It also allows the custodial parent the reassurance that the child's physical and emotional safety is being provided for. Our role as trained Professional Monitors is to be a neutral party, to observe behavior, to ensure compliance with court orders, and to ensure safety for the visiting child.

Our Monitors have received all the training required by the State of California Uniform standards of Practice 5.20 including: concepts of supervised visitation, family dynamics, child development, domestic violence, child abuse, standards of practice, documentation, laws and penal codes. In addition, all monitors have received training specifically in child abuse identification and are Mandated Reporters in accordance with Penal Code Section 11165.7

Monitors have completed background checks in accordance with the requirements of the State of California’s guidelines.

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